All Sweetness & Light - Full Length Play

'...we have 'real' people in these characters...fine dialogue...interesting differences in sentence structure and characterisations. ' Comments made by competition adjudicator.

All Sweetness and Light

by Christopher Kell

Three Act Comedy Drama (75 minutes approx.)

3M 3F

"Two middle-aged punk rockers find themselves out of their depth in the contemporary club-dance scene... A clash of generations... a clash of popular cultures."

Into a contemporary club scene comes Lizzie, a middle-aged Punk in full gear and flaming hair, hoping for a re-union with an old friend after twenty years. Middle-aged Gerry and much younger Candy enter. Gerry desperately tries to sell his ‘Techno Power Beads’ and hi-tech snake oil to the young dancers, claiming to improve their dancing. Lizzie and Gerry recognise each other as the ex-Punk rockers who used to play in the same band. As a disastrous evening unfolds we witness a clash of generations and popular cultures.

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