Baggage - Full Length Play

Developed from a one-act play of which an independent adjudicator commented: 'Delightful…beautifully comic…a highly successful ending… a fine piece of theatre.'


by Christopher Kell

Two-act Stage Drama, 80 minutes approx. Single domestic set. 2M, 3F

Council workers, Melv and Dee, are instructed to empty a flat where the tenant is believed to have died without kin. They sift through belongings building a picture of the tenant and discard the 'baggage' of a life. Unscrupulous Dee tempts gullible Melv to keep a gold watch. When the flat is almost empty, the real tenants return from holiday revealing the mistake of a wrong address. Can Viv and Wilf, the hapless tenants, rebuild their marriage after their frustrations and unfulfilled dreams have been systematically exposed and cruelly dismantled? What happened to their family heirloom? Can Melv put right his wrongdoing before his suspicious manager discovers the truth?

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