Innocent Eve - Full Length Play

Comments made by competition adjudicator:'…beautifully drawn characters and splendid variation in emotional attack ….The pace of the dialogue is quite breathtaking….I'm sure there are many societies that would welcome the opportunity to tackle such a fine piece of dramatic work.'

Innocent Eve - Full Length

by Christopher Kell

Three Act Comedy Drama (75 minutes approx.)

3M 3F

Developed from the award winning one-act play of the same name.

Rowan is a New Age child in her late teens who lives in a wooden shelter in a small wood owned by Eve and Gerald who are about to split up. Eve stumbles on Rowan's shelter and on hearing how Rowan is largely self-supporting by selling dried flowers and her own printed fabrics, is impressed and softens. Gerald enters, cynical and bitter, demanding that Rowan vacates the dwelling as they are selling the land for property development. When Rowan's traveller boyfriend turns up, Eve and Gerald learn basic truths about their own materialistic lifestyle, their failing marriage and begin to re-evaluate their own beliefs.

When Rowan is forced to leave her shelter, Eve and Gerald take her in and their own marriage (and home!) is taken apart brick by brick.

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