No Concessions - One Act Play

' …the flow of dialogue is very impressive indeed…splendid characters… Harold is delicious… switch of time and character is one of its great strengths…an underlying pathetic quality behind the humour that I found most appealing…manifests itself effectively in the dénouement…' Comments made by competition adjudicator.

No Concessions

by Christopher Kell

One-act Stage Drama, 45 minutes approx.

2M 6F

Kath is determined to bring old friends together for her fortieth wedding anniversary, especially Dinah and Mary. As a disastrous evening unfolds, old deceptions are uncovered. Through the eyes of Dinah, the past is shown in flashback and Dinah deduces that by cheating Kath, Mary secured a rich life with a successful entrepreneur while condemning Kath to an impoverished and loveless marriage. But further secrets are drawn from Mary, revealing a different picture, and Kath extracts revenge. Full of poignancy, powerful women's roles and tapping a rich vein of humour.

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