Mandalay - One Act Play

' …a superior, well-crafted play penned with panache and humility, which builds to a stunning conclusion.... a riveting piece of theatre.' Comments made by competition adjudicator

A Way to Mandalay (one of Three One Act Plays Vol.1)

By Christopher Kell

One-act Stage Drama (40 minutes approx)

7M 3F if all parts played by different actors

4M 3F if parts doubled

Loosely based on the true experiences of Horace Hillerby who trod the boards with many famous names in the early 1900s. Set in a field hospital somewhere on the Western Front in First World War, a soldier struggles to regain his memory after being found shell-shocked and with no identification tag. The soldier, Horace, had been an actor and entertainer in the Music Halls and local theatres, and his identity is confused with many characters real and imaginary -- Harry Lauder, Vesta Tilley and Stan Jefferson (later to become Stan Laurel). The action moves between harsh reality and surreal scenes in Horace's imagination, where he performs popular songs and monologues. He struggles to remember the words of 'Mandalay'. Slowly he remembers fragments of his true identity and his disillusionment with his life. When he faces the choice of being prematurely sent back to the Front or facing a Court Martial, Horace comes to a dramatic decision about his future -- but is it real or imaginary?

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